Your support means everything!

YOUR gift can help save lives.  Long-term survivors of Hodgkin Lymphoma often have serious, sometimes devastating complications from the effects of earlier radiation and chemotherapy.  Many may not even be aware of the risks that they face. The funds we raise here will enable us to reach Hodgkin’s survivors where ever they may be and make sure they have the latest information on risk factors and current practices in survivorship care.. We can help fund research on the late effects of earlier treatment, advocate for survivors who don’t have access to care, and offer support and connection with others who have shared the same history. We can make a big difference in the lives of those who have already suffered so much.



Hodgkin’s International has lost several members of our survivorship community over the past couple of years. These people are our true heroes- courageous, determined, beautiful souls. They were all part of the very foundation of our organization and the reason that we will continue to keep fighting for ALL survivors of Hodgkin’s.